Uma Girish 2

In this week's episode Uma Girish talks about how we can embrace, even the grief felt in menopause and start a new phase of our lives and also discusses the differences between the way menopause is perceived in Indian culture compared to Western culture.


Uma Girish is a Grief Guide, Certified Dream Coach, and Award-Winning Author. Her latest book is a transformational memoir called LOSING AMMA, FINDING HOME: A MEMOIR ABOUT LOVE, LOSS AND LIFE’S DETOURS published by Hay House. She is also the author of UNDERSTANDING DEATH: 10 WAYS TO INNER PEACE FOR THE GRIEVING. Uma’s short stories, articles, and personal essays have been published in many publications and anthologies in as many as 7 countries. She hosts a podcast called THE GRAMMAR OF GRIEF on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. She is committed to helping women journey through the pain of grief and loss to help them transform their pain into purpose. Uma is the co-founder of the International Grief Council which seeks to empower and educate the grieving through workshops, talks, and panel discussions. You can find out all about her work at