Pearls of Pauline


Pearls of Wisdom, Compassion & Joy for Menopausal Women is a fun, one woman stage show which includes information about menopause and tips on overcoming symptoms, jokes, songs and either a live flower arranging class where the different flowers and foliage are compared to the different types of women or a live oil painting where the layers of paint are compared to the decades of a woman's life until she reaches her 50's when she begins to see the "picture". 

About Pearls of Pauline

Pauline has been performing the Pearls of Pauline in several countries including the USA, UK, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. 

Pauline's idea is that one learns better if one is entertained. Who wants to sit through a dry lecture when we can laugh and cry together about our menopausal experience while learning how to reduce our symptoms?

Pauline is willing to travel to many parts of the world educating women about how to thrive through their menopause and beyond. If you would like the Pearls of Pauline to come to your area, just help Pauline find a suitable venue :) and be in touch! [email protected]


The Pearls of Pauline in your city?


Looking for a fun night out with the "girls"? So many women are shy to discuss menopause with even their best friends :( Why is the topic of menopause still in the proverbial closet? Pauline explains the nitty gritty about what to expect when going through the change-of-life in a fun but educational way. Afterwards it is more easy for you and your girlfriends to really have a deep discussion about your different menopausal experiences. 

Want to educate your partner about what happens to a women when she goes through menopause? 

So many women are embarrassed to discuss menopause with their partners or their partners are embarrassed to sit and listen to "women's troubles" why not take them along and let Pauline educate them while having a fun night out? 


If you would like Pauline to perform the The Pearls of Pauline in your city or town, please get in touch with a suggestion of a venue. We will post any upcoming shows on this page.