0048 Become Menopause Free - the Viewpoint of Tantric Yoga - Dhumavati Ananda

In this weeks episode, Dumavati Ananda explains the concepts of Tantric Yoga regarding menstruation and menopause. Some very interesting and fascinating information. Dhumavatiananda began practising yoga in 1989, and became an international certified yoga teacher in 1993 and Tantra teacher in. Since then, she has been teaching yoga and tantra in Romania, Denmark, France, India, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Serbia, Bosnia and Sweden. She is also a BD in journalism and foreign languages. She has a Master’s Degree in computer science and work science/sociology. Dhumavatiananda is also the founder of the Tantra for Women courses and Shakti groups - and has been lecturing for more than 20 years on Tantra for Women and Shakti Groups in over 45 cities in 14 countries. She later created the International Training Course for Shakti Group Coordinators for women from all over the world who wish to become certified Tantra for Women teachers. Dhumavatiananda has written a number of yoga and tantra articles in specialized journals in Romania, USA and Sweden, including the Om Yoga Om Magazine. She is also the author of two books: • “Women and the Astral Bodies – an insight into karmic astrology”, • “Sacred Sexuality – the erotic amorous level and the spiritual evolution”. Dumavatiananda's dream is to assist in women’s awakening all over the world, and build an international sisterhood of enlightened, ecstatic, spiritualized women who regained their innate divine power.